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We offer the following Products and Services:


    • LOCALLY: Reiki Healing, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Healings, Guided Meditations, all by appointment only.
    • Drumming Circles, Womens Empowerment circles through Ancient Energies in posted events or private parties. 
    • Hand Fastings, Tradition Marriage Ceremonies, Blessings, etc.
    • Fragrance Oils in 10ml roller bottles. Twenty Two (22) scents to choose from.
    • Spirit of Gaia Organic Pure Essential Oils in 5ml orifice depenser bottles. Eighteen (18) oils to choose from.
    • Sacred Seven Chakra Oils in 10ml liquid roller bottles, blended with Pure Organic Essential Oils. Sold as individual bottles or as a set of 7 in wooden box with chart, Chakra Balancing Oil, Pet Chakra Balancing Oil.
    • Zodiac Oils for each of the 12 Sun Signs & 4 Elemental Oils for each of the 4 Elements
    • Magikcal Blends (yes selled with a "k") of 10ml roller bottles in Willpower, Protection, Meditation, Healing, Peace & Calming, Sensual, Money-Prosperity-Abundance, Astral Projection, Love, Concentration & Focus, Psychic Awareness, Emotional Releaser, Sun, Moon, Banishing, Purification. Hand Blended with only the besy intentions & energies.
    • Unique Hand Crafted Aromatherapy Diffuser Jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, car charms, and key chains). Each piece is one of a kind, using Semi-Precious Stones, Beads, Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel, Bronze, Brass. Each Diffuser comes with additional scent pads
    • 925 Sterling Silver Semi Precious Stone Rings
    • Hand Crafted Earrings with 925 Sterling silver wires made with metal, glass, semi precious stone beads, and crystals
    • Natural & Organic Suntan Oils with SPF30
    • Organic Lip Balms
    • Semi Precious Chakra Stone Sets ( in velvet pouch) with 7 corresponding Chakra stones
    • COMING SOON: TAROT COLORING BOOKS & COLOR YOUR OWN TAROT DECK >     original artwork by Debe Schirone
    • Visit my Etsy Web site to purchase: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SpiritofGaiaEssence

Spirit of Gaia Healing Sanctuary

Spirit of Gaia Healing Sanctuary is newly located at the Old Crow Inn in Ocala, FL. We offer Private sessions in a serene enviornment to help in your healing process. 

Certified Reiki Master and Ordained Minister. Hands on or Energy Healing through the Aura.

Please note these techniques are NOT Massage.   
Reiki Healing, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Healings, Light Body Work, Guided Meditations, Drumming, Womens Empowerment Circles
Reiki Trainning Classes beginning in January 2020. Check the events page.

Pure Organic Essential Oil Products

Fragrance Oils, 

Pure Organic Essential Oils, 

Chakra Oils & Pet Balancing Chakra Oil , Magickal Oils (yes, spelled with a "k"), Fragrance Oils,  Astological Oils, Sun & Moon Oil, Elemental Oils,  Organic Natural Bronzing Suntan Oil, Organic Insect Spray, Sage Spray, Lavender Spray, Rose Spray, Lemongrass Spray, Natural & Organic Lip Balm, Incense, Smudging tools.

Please check my Esty site for more details.

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Aroma DiffuserJewelry

All Aroma Diffuser Jewelry items are hand crafted, one of a kind pieces. Necklaces, Lockets, Bracelets.

Made with stainless steel, brass,

 925 Sterling Silver, 

Semi Precious Stones & Beads, 

&  Swavroski Crystals, 

they are truly unique and 

sure to delight!

What a perfect Gift for someone special,  not only to wear as jewelry,

 but to hold your favorite essential oil scent as well!

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Drumming Circles

Spirit of Gaia holds drumming circles periodically. Check events here and on Face Book

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Smudging Tools

Smudging is an age old tradition in many cultures for clarifying your space, yourself, or objects to remove unwated negative energies. It is also used for protection and bring in positive energies. Here at the Sanctuary, we have books and all the tools you need to achieve this.

Spirit of Gaia 

Crystals, Crystal Balls, & Stones

Beautiful natural and man made crystal balls , natural stones and crystals.

Spirit of Gaia 

Crystal Suncatchers

Hand Crafted and one of a kind

Beautiful crystal suncatchers to brighten up any window or ourdoors.

Moon Phases

Ruled by the Moon and Her Phases.


Spirit of Gaia 

Calendar of Upcoming Events

Spirit of Gaia wants to keep you informed of upcoming events. 

**Check out the schedule of events on the last page, or send an email for more information.

Hope to see you there!


Meet the Owner

Owner, Proprietor, Designer

Debe Schirone

Debe Schirone

 (aka: MoonCat)


Hello and thank you for visiting my page.  

 Spirit of Gaia (Mother Nature) is the Earth Mother, in all her Glory and all her Fury.  

As a Natural Earth Practitioner, Spiritualist, & Ordained Minister, below is just a little sampling about myself:

  • Universal Love and a deep respect for all walks of Life, Beliefs and Traditions, The Cosmos, Mother Earth, Sister Moon, Father Sky, Grandfather Sun.  Giving Daily Thanks for all we have to a Higher Power.  Spirituality, Earth Magick, Mysticism, Celtic, Shaman, & Native American Traditions, Self- Awareness, beautiful peaceful and calming music, all of Nature and her sounds, Astrology, Creative Artistic Endeavors, Traveler, 
  • Reiki Healing, Full Moon Ceremonies,  Drumming circles, House Blessings, Wedding Ceremonies, Women's Empowerment through Ancient traditions

Come journey with me through the Spirit of Gaia.

I am in love with the Green Earth. 

Life is meant to be Beautiful.

Many Blessings,